Process mining is according to IEEE « Task Force » Process Mining Manifesto a relatively young research discipline that sits between computational intelligence and data mining on the one hand, and process modeling and analysis on the other hand. This technology is based on data extracted from computer systems containing process information as it actually happened.

Process Mining allows to observe the organization’s behaviour based on actual facts and figures, beyond the initial theoretical description. This is an essential tool to achieve operational excellence.

What data is used?

Process Mining uses digital footprints left behind computer systems to reconstruct the sequences of actual activities, with the aim of understanding and finding models of predictions and/or recommendations based on facts.

These digital footprints must contain at least three types of information :

  • which activity has been done
  • When this was realized (generally start and end of the activity)
  • and for which context (for which case ou which customer for instance)

What data is used

These digital footprints can be found in computer systems such as ERP, CRM, database or data warehouse, MES, application data, files or event logs. All these operational data are part of the large batch of untapped company data.

Thus, by computing these footprints and data as a complete sequence of activities and not as aggregated data, the Process Mining offers an interesting alternative to the usual approaches.

The main applications

Process Discovery : the discovery of the processes

Process Mining’s algorithms , make it possible to discover automatically, without prior knowledge, the processes as they really happened.

Conformance Checking : comparison to a process model.

Check whether the theoretical or predicted model corresponds to reality (or vice versa).

Business Process improvement : improvement of the processes

Thanks to the graphs and analyses obtained, it is easier to detect bottlenecks,”hidden” activities and the use of resources.


The benefits of using Process Mining techniques are substantial.

  • Non-intrusive : First, due to the nature of the data being analyzed, existing operational data, there are no new data or data-creating applications. This technology leverages the data as it exists to reveal knowledge that is essential for improving organizations.
  • Visual : What could be better than a drawing to explain and represent reality. The Process Mining provides several graphical representations of the organization and processes (BPMN, Petri network, social networks, etc…) allowing to understand very easily the way companies run its business to realize their products or services.
  • Understanding : So you have a great tool that gives you the essential knowledge about your real processes, their weaknesses and strengths. This provides you an exploration tool to make a permanent and always up-to-date audit.
  • Continuous improvement : Thanks to this knowledge, the continuous improvement process is enriched, and Process Mining becomes one of the tools used to support daily management.

Various use cases

Adapted to any industry, Logpickr Process Mining fits several applications :

  • Customer journey : analysis and understanding of the processes as they actually occurred, allow us to know the cross-channel customer paths and interpret their behaviours to better meet their expectations.
  • Operational excellence : Logpickr’s continuous process analysis approach, based on the Logpickr’s Process Mining process, enables all players to be involved and ensures competitiveness and agility for companies.
  • Organizational health : identification of the most complex and/or time-consuming processes and also identification and sharing of good practices.
  • Incident tracking : incidents tracking and detection to limit the impact on the customer experience and your revenues.
  • Conformance & fraud detection : the ability to detect atypical process behaviours, verification and compliance with a reference model.

Logpickr, startup software editor of an innovative Process Mining solution

Logpickr, specialist in Big Data and Process Mining, supports all types of companies in optimizing their organization with analysis and management tools. Logpickr’s own Process Mining algorithms, developed over four years of R&D carried out by a major telecom operator, automatically reveal the real processes of companies. Its solution has already been tested in sectors such as telecoms, banks, industry, administrations and SMEs.

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