How can manufacturers push lean manufacturing method further?

Facing with the challenges of digital transformation, competition is more and more severe and companies must constantly try to innovate and improve their performance to become more competitive and generate profits. To achieve this, manufacturers choose to implement a Lean Management approach. However, the deployment of such a change of organization requires a lot of resources: mobilizing time for team leaders to invest them in improvement projects, developing the skills of operators and implementing new tools. Despite the fact that more and more data are available and can be visualized, it is difficult to analyze what is happening and get an overview of a production system.

The solution: exploit advanced data analysis tools

Today, there are new technologies that use raw data to automatically detect the factors that explain a problem. Beyond the data analysis functions, these new technologies can be used during production in order to anticipate possible drifts.

A new technology exisits : Process Intelligence

A new technology for advanced data analysis has emerged that is more effective in driving business optimization: Process Intelligence combining Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence. Process Intelligence is based on the data that operators and information systems generate to automatically provide full transparency on how your processes work and reveal areas for improvement.

The contribution of Process Intelligence for manufacturing industries

This new technology is essential for manufacturing companies because it identifies bottlenecks, improves delivery times, optimizes logistics between production sites and reduces inventory and waste due to process failures. In addition, Process Intelligence provides evidence of good and bad process operations and labour utilization by ensuring that raw materials are available when they are needed to avoid downtime.

Thus Logpickr Process Intelligence tool answers the following questions from manufacturers:

  • How to anticipate process failures ?
  • Why is the quality of my production not constant?
  • What are the causes of a low SRT?
  • Will my processes be agile enough to meet changing market conditions?
  • Are procedures or standards being followed?

Journey towards Operational Excellence

Integrating new technologies into the existing infrastructure can seem complex, unlike the Logpickr solution, which by collecting existing data allows easy integration with your information systems (ERP, CRM, MES, WMS, etc.).

This technology has the ability to transform routine tasks and immediately make daily tasks easier and more productive. Anticipate equipment failures, have complete visibility into processes, monitor all logistics, check the availability of technicians required for internal intervention; all in real time and automatically: all of these features that Logpickr Process Intelligence allows.

Discover the power of Process Intelligence with Logpickr.

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