Logpickr Process Explorer 360 1.3 by combining Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence allows you to accelerate your RPA (or BPM) automation processes.

How many hours lost each year in a company on repetitive and tedious tasks? On average, each employee loses one working day per week, or 329 hours per year. If we multiply by the number of employees, the amount of hours lost each year is tremendous. Whatever the cause, tools are at our disposal to eliminate these time-consuming and fast-paced tasks.

RPA solutions

The automation of tasks and processes or commonly referred to as RPA - Robotic Process Automation - appeared in companies a few years ago. This technology consists of automating repetitive tasks that required human intervention. This technique is based on the use of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence software that will be able to reproduce human work. These software robots boost process efficiency and significantly improve process performance. Thanks to the time saved with an RPA solution, employees can focus exclusively on complex cases while the robot handles basic cases.

RPP solutions become a powerful competitive advantage when they are fully exploited. Despite these achievements demonstrated by hundreds of companies and its attractive results, it is necessary to remain vigilant.

RPA: A quick return on investment, low start-up financing and millions of euros in savings: ambitions that all companies are looking for.

However, reaching the ultimate goal is difficult for each organization. It is imperative to prepare your RPA approach within the company. It may take a few weeks or months to prioritize the processes that need to be automated.
It should be noted that each business area contains processes that can be standardized. In the banking sector, automation is a low-cost and fast way to solve compliance problems. In addition, in the industrial sector, it is possible to accelerate its Supply Chain to improve productivity and efficiency by collecting data from an SCM program. In the commercial field, however, it is possible to improve customer negotiation processes in order to increase sales, based on data collected through the organization’s CRM solution.
Based on what we know about the company, we will have to choose which processes should be automated first. It is here that the difficulties appear. Which processes should be prioritized? Which ones have the most tedious tasks or the most errors? But above all, which ones can be automated and which ones should be. There is no point in robotizing a process that is incorrect and has errors.

This process is slowed down by the identification of processes and tasks to be automated, and does not allow to know how to improve the process.

It is essential to have complete transparency on all the company’s processes. This will make it very easy for the company to detect processes that could benefit from automation.

Process Mining to the rescue of the RPA

It is at this stage that Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence come into play. This solution will monitor and analyze all your processes and indicate your bottlenecks. Process Mining will constantly monitor the progress of each process and will be able to detect each problem. RPA providers offer some possibilities for process monitoring but do not mention the whole process. This is an alarming point, because all the steps to be automated can be healthy, while the entire process chain can be degraded.

Using the company’s computer data, Process Explorer 360 - Logpickr’s solution - automatically rebuilds what is really happening within the company. Process Mining will help to detect process problems and identify the root cause of the process.
This will allow the company to prioritize opportunities and implement a healthy RPA approach at the heart of the organization. Logpickr Process Explorer 360, also allows you to automatically identify the best processes (or parts of processes) to automate. This detection saves considerable time in the audit and maintenance phases to understand the existing process. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Logpickr goes beyond Process Mining, and allows you to do Task Mining and automatically import it into your favorite RPA or BPM tools.


The discovery of processes and the automation of some of them offers many advantages. This has allowed, for example, a rapid return on investment that can be understood between 30 and 200%, from the first year. This is why it is extremely interesting to combine these two tools both in the initial phase to automate directly the right process and this very quickly, but also to be able to follow from start to finish your different process phases, which can be managed in whole or in part by several RPA robots!

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