Today, corporate transparency is considered as a key success factor. From manufacturing to management, everyone wants to know what is really happening, what are the real processes and operations. Process Mining allows real-time data analysis and identifies opportunities for optimization.Many companies consider process extraction and analysis to be essential steps in digital transformation.

By 2023, Process Mining market will increase by 50% per year!

Today, there are millions of data in companies. Processes are becoming more and more complex with silo organizations. This is why it is essential to optimize but especially to automate certain tasks to make processes more fluid.

Business processes discovered after manual audits does not match totally to the reality. By gathering digital footprint, our Process Mining solution, helps you to have facts and a real view of how your processes are really running.
A first glance, business processes seems simples. But when you are analyzing them with our solution Process Explorer 360, you realize that they are varied and complex. And you find that many tasks could be simple but very time-consuming and that could be automated to increase productivity.

That's why the Process Mining combined with RPA is a good fit to bring high ROI for companies.

« Process Explorer 360 » is one of the first Process Intelligence’s solution build with Artificial Intelligence and a new Process Mining. Logpickr’s strength is that it provides a restitution of this information, which is done in the form of mapping, allowing a simple understanding for all businesses and all processes, even the most complex ones.

Total transparancy of your organization.

With Logpickr, you are able to analyze, find flaws and bottlenecks, and optimize all your business processes. The enhanced visualization allows you to identify improvement opportunities, manage risk and compliance, avoid downtime, optimize logistics and improve profitability.

Process Explorer 360 is a modern analysis engine that offers :

- A global analysis of the processes by observing all aspects, finding defects and helps to fix them

- Real-time analysis by detecting failures or non-conformities in current processes

- A prescriptive engine that make complete predictions

ESOAR method by CapGemini

The CapGemini group has understood the importance of automation and how it can transform a company. That is why they launched the ESOAR method. What does this method consist of? Transforming a company’s potential to optimize, analyze and automate processes.

Its main objective is a continuous improvement approach. Basically, the ESOAR method is based on RPA (Robotic Process Optimisation) because the group wanted to automate certain processes in order to improve productivity.

This method includes 5 key steps

ESOAR's major component : Process Mining

LThe ESOAR method developed by Cap Gemini is based on Process Mining to provide realistic analysis. With the solution we are developing, it is possible to reveal and map the processes as they really are, and not as we imagine them.

Formalizing processes will eliminate intermediate steps, reduce inefficient tasks for different routes and detect and eliminate bottlenecks. When a process is formalized, procedures are optimized to make actions more fluid. ESOAR will make it possible to optimize processes step by step to be able to control the crucial issue of digital transformation in the company.

RPA combined with Process Mining ensures a high return on investment.

Some figures from CapGemini :

- € 1.5 million in savings on the group

- 30% faster processing time

- 25% reduction in manual steps in processes

- Up to -20% of processing costs

- 75% reduction in invoice processing time (from 20 to 4 minutes)

- An error rate reduced from 45 to 4.

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