The Winning Combination of BPM and Process Mining
March 22, 2022

The Winning Combination of BPM and Process Mining

by Logpickr

Have you ever been to Rennes in Brittany France? If so, then you may know the beautiful old half-timbered houses in the middle of a vibrant student city and the many culinary delights. Rennes not only produces the famous Breton cider and the delicious galette saucisse, but also first-class process mining. Process mining is a technology for analyzing and evaluating business processes. Fabrice Baranski and Daniel Cortinovis, the founders of the process mining specialist Logpickr, are located on the outskirts of Rennes in the tranquil community of Cesson-Sévigné.

The two engineers founded the company in 2017, which is still unique in this field, and reason enough for iGrafx to take a closer look. It turned out that this is a very agile, innovative business with immense growth potential.

“We have developed unique software, a kind of scanner that allows you to see exactly what is going on in the company,” explains Fabrice Baranski. “This highlights an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, improving both organizational productivity and employee comfort. Our mission at Logpickr was to develop process mining technology that delivers faster and more accurate results at scale.”

Starring: Machine Learning and AI

What makes Logpickr special? The company has created a new process mining technology that is coupled with artificial intelligence in order to fully understand all processes in the organization. Traditional mining solutions work well for simple, linear processes but fall short when it comes to the combination of concurrent and multi-system events. Logpickr developed Process Explorer 360 with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, to inspect existing systems and reveal process reality, versus process assumptions in real business operations. Extensive amounts of data are processed in real time. This is incredibly valuable, especially for companies with gigantic data sets or high transaction volumes. You get the knowledge you need to make the right decisions about process improvement. The clear advantage is that there is no more analysis of incorrect process variants, no more interpretations, but a crystal-clear view of all processes - in real time.

After a few intensive and constructive discussions, it soon became clear that by combining Process Explorer 360 with the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform, organizations could more easily achieve success.

Three Big Wins

  1. Logpickr wins: Logpickr has a unique opportunity to develop and perfect its technology in the field of AI, not only in France but internationally. In particular, the doors of the US market open for Logpickr through this acquisition. Nevertheless, the company remains based in beautiful Cesson-Sévigné, just outside Rennes, under the management of Fabrice Baranski.
  2. iGrafx wins: iGrafx adds superior Process Mining technology alongside their proven business process management (BPM) modeling, discovery, and mapping solutions. Based on ML and AI, the result is an innovative process intelligence solution that enables companies to better optimize their processes and accelerate automation decisions. The result is measurable value and increased profits. iGrafx is thus a visionary in the field of process optimization and occupies an absolute pioneering role as a process mining provider in France.
  3. And the most important thing: the customer wins! At the end of the day, customers make the greatest profit. Businesses are tired of the complexity and intense resources required by other mining solutions, but they know it’s necessary to create the right knowledge foundation for key compliance and transformation projects. The focus is on organizations prioritizing operational excellence, regulatory compliance, or digital transformation and RPA initiatives. Logpickr has developed differentiators to accelerate the mining process. Customers will be surprised how easy it can be to integrate process mining into their daily process activities and gain actionable insights.
    We are looking forward to leveraging synergies with Logpickr and launching into a common future. With the integration of Process Explorer 360 into the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform, we are optimally positioned to provide customers with full Process Mining capabilities, depending on their industry and needs.

    Learn more about the value of process mining and the benefits of business process management today.