Process Explorer 360 is the perfect combination of Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence. The solution integrates an innovative algorithm and offers a new experience you don't expect.

The solution has many advanced features for process mining and is able to deal with a huge volume of data.

Become Process Miner!

Its innovative Process Mining algorithm allows to detect all the steps that are part of a process and the different variants. The platform will detect flaws and time-consuming tasks.
With his new AI engine, it makes it possible to predict how will really runs current processes, what are the next steps and how much they cost. A considerable time and cost saving. The prediction of next steps in a process by AI offers the ability to identify a possible scenario and therefore take appropriate decisions.
User interface is customizable and scalable according to your needs and objectives. Its simplicity helps all businesses to find the right information.


Process Explorer gives you new benefits:

  • An easy and quick view of the company. Process Explorer 360 discovers automatically your process map and helps to explore it.
  • Automatic detection of root causes of processes saves month of repetitive audit. All results are reliable because they are based on facts: your data. Furthermore, processes are updated in real time with the data flow that is automatically inserted into the platform.
  • Collaborative platform where many people can work on projects together

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