Map, explore and upgrade your processes

To evolve requires to know oneself better. With Logpickr Process Explorer 360, you will master your organization and have a better knowledge of your organizations and processes.

Identify and share good practices

With Logpickr Process Explorer 360, you can compare the different practices and processes, and measure which ones are the most efficient, the least energy or environmental impact. This way, you highlight good practices and then disseminate them through digital tools.

Back office revolution must be concomitant with front office revolution

With the digital transformation, interactions and transactions increase, all back office processes are put under pressure and there is a risk of disappointing on a large scale. Logpickr Process Explorer 360 gives you back control and allows you to know and automate your back office.

Improve the employee experience

The employee is one of the subjects of digital transformation. Logpickr Process Explorer 360 reduces the complexity of daily tasks and activities by reducing complex processes.