What is Process Mining?

In business, everyone is looking for excellence and operational efficiency. Many sectors are concerned by new technologies and new competitors. They must reinvent themselves to face from the competition. Today, technology offers us opportunity to go further in the continuous process optimization. It exists solutions that allow us to visualize, detect flaws, optimize and control: process mining.

Every manager or executive knows how crucial it is to have a real idea of how their company is run. It’s very important to measure every process in order to optimize human and material resources as mush as possible. Process Mining is the solution to help to discover and optimize internal organisation.

What do you mean by process?

So many people have bad use of this term.

If we open a dictionnary, a process is a series of actions or steps (simultaneously or sequentially) taken in order to achieve a particular goal. In short, it’s a way of doing things that is defined in advance to achieve an objective.

Processes are everywhere (purchase, customer service, logistic, supply chain…). It’s company’s core business.

Process mining, first definition

Process Mining helps to analyze your process by using existing data in your IT systems. What’s goal? Visualize organization and all actions to detect flaws. This new technology change work and offers possibility to analyze, visualize, detect problems and fix them.

Process Explorer 360 by Logpickr

When you run a process, some digital footprints are left behind your IT systems. These data are a big information sources to understand the internal organization.

More technically, we can say that Process Mining is between data mining and Business Process Management (more commonly known BPM). It is a technology that will allow companies to use their data to have an objective vision of their own processes.

What data are used?

We must have three minimum data:

But more informations can be used like ressource, cost, team, department etc. These information or business data can be : digital, geospatial or textual.

Its can come from several simultaneous data sources, such as ERPs, CRMs, databases, log files, etc.

How does it work?

Once these data are gathered, the Process Mining algorithms will enable to do Process Discovery, by rebuilding the path of the different processes.


Process Mining is a new success key for companies. It is a new approach for operational excellence day to day activities.

Process mining is a high value-added approach. It identify processes applied daily by employees for obtained best possible results and applied their. No more need to go through an auditing firm, spend weeks formalizing processes, auditing and interviewing or looking for flaws in your organization. All of this is combined in a single solution: Process Explorer 360.

Process Explorer 360, Logpickr’s solution

Unlike other Process Mining solutions, Logpickr has invented a new Process Mining algorithm, with experts since several years. Their new approach, helps to understand task concurrency, and allows to have the best prediction of future process behavior. Thanks to this expertise, we decide to go further. We propose a process mining with artificial intelligence.

Process Explorer 360 is able to learn and understand each process. The goal is to have a turnkey solution to obtain predictions and recommendations on your processes.

With Logpickr Process Explorer 360

Some use cases:

Get some use cases

This new technology helps daily-basis. It will allow to go further in analysis, process optimization and decision making. The objective will be to exploit the company’s own capacities efficiently. With a precise goal: increase the company’s performance but also to increase the human performance of each employee.

So, what are you waiting for to move on the technology of the future?

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