Logpickr /lɔɡpikœʁ/ is a startup helping improve it’s customer efficiency .

Specialist of Process Mining techniques, Logpickr analyses companies data to reveal the way they work, and how to improve their efficiency.

Whay is Process Mining ?

Mix Big and Fast Data, graph theory, machine learning, dataviz, and know-how acquired in research labs of a major telecom operator.

Backed by its technological edge, Logpickr aims to become a referent editor of Process Mining solution.

Logpickr, start-up based in Rennes (France), welcomes Scala/spark developer :

Technological Environnement : Scala, Spark, Kafka, NoSQL, Git, Docker

Willing to share and improve your knowledge, your ideas ?

Come and join Logpickr.

Want to apply ?

Send your CV to jobs@logpickr.com