What are the benefits of Logpickr Process Intelligence v2.5 ?

Knowledge – Understanding – Agility

Highlights on your business processes

Logpickr Process Intelligence v2.5 makes use of digital footprints left behind your Information System. Are they in conformance with your forecasts ? You will be able to check.

Root cause analysis

Wondering why are some deliveries longer than others? With Logpickr Process Intelligence v2.5, you will quickly identify key factors influencing your processes.

End to end view

Understand the customer journey and estimate waiting times? Having a view on the customer journey, and your internal processes, is possible with the prediction algorithms of Logpickr Process Intelligence v2.5.

Use of your equipment

Are your equipment energy-intensive? Are they used to their full capacity? KPIs recovered by Logpickr Process Intelligence v2.5 will allow you to be alerted and control your costs.

Logpickr Process Intelligence

Logpickr Process Intelligence v2.5 brings you all the answers on your processes, by simply exploiting your operational data. Developed for a major telephone operator, Logpickr's technology combining Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence algorithms is accessible to everyone.

I want to test

How does it work?

Whether they come from your ERP, CRM, MES, applications or other databases, your operational data contains unique information about your organization. Logpickr Process Intelligence v2.5 reveals the actual processes from this existing data.

Multi-Activity Processing

Because in real life, you can do several things at the same time, we have the algorithm to detect it!

Use case

An international Telecom operator used Logpickr Process Intelligence v2.5 to analyse the behaviour of two different teams producing the same services.
They discovered that one team spontaneously paralellized tasks, and effortlessly gained time and availability, improving the overall process time.
By generalizing this best practise, the company gained 30% time on the service delivery, compared to the previous organization.

What you get

  • Performance KPIs hightlighter
  • Time and cost saver
  • Cross-channel activity enhancer
  • Equipment usage optimizer
  • Collaborative and creative staff simulator
  • Operational Excellence accelerator