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Improve your productivity up to 30% with Logpickr!

Understand your processes and customer journeys

Visualize and improve your processes. Get an immediate view on your actual processes, whatever they are, and link them to customer journeys. Explain machines and equipments usages.

Exploit your data

Synchronize all your process data. Coming from ERP, CRM, MES, applications or databases, you get unified end to end view. Reveal hidden values on your organization from your operational data.

For all teams

Share analysis and dashboards with your teams. Reveal good practices and go further on the improvement of your organizational health.

Logpickr's process mining

Logpickr Process Mining v2.5 brings all answers on your processes, by simply using your operational data. Designed initially for a big telco, Logpickr technology combines Process Mining algorithms with Machine Learning, and delivers business insights for everyone.

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Logpickr Process Mining v2.5

Let Logpickr engine mine your data, get time and immediate answers!

Global view

Get instant and global view on your actual processes.


Analyze root cause of a good or bad behavior. Look at financial, power consumption or other dimension aspect.

Audit & Conformity checking

Audits are time wasting and complicated! Automate these actions with Logpickr.

Custom dashboards

Create your custom dashboards with your personal KPIS.

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How does it work?

Interviews and manual analysis to rebuild your actual processes are long and tedious
Get automatisation by Logpickr on this difficult part and be focused on your critical missions.

They adopted Logpickr solution


"« Open innovation » collaboration with Logpickr revealed hidden values of unexploited data."

Thomas, Innovation Manager for a major French banking group.


"Logpickr visualization gets high accurate informations on our processes and reveals improvements unvisible by others."

Frédérique Kerlen, Head of Customer Experience Orange.

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Our news

Improve how your company is running its business with Process Mining
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Nov 7, 2017 by Fabrice

Improve how your company is running its business with Process Mining

Turn operational data into competitive advantage to understand and improve organizations?
This is the challenge of 'Process Mining', a young discipline in the field of data analysis techniques, on which Logpickr startup is an expert.

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Accenture invites Logpickr to present its solution to Engie Finance
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Oct 20, 2017 by Fabrice

Accenture invites Logpickr to present its solution to Engie Finance

Our CEO had the pleasure of presenting our Process Mining solution to the various CFOs of Engie and its subsidiaries.

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Orange Business Tour
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Sep 29, 2017 by Daniel

Orange Business Tour

Meet us at the Orange Business Tour on October 12,2017 Halle Martenot in Rennes

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E-Qube startup Challenge, Firenze, Italy
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Sep 4, 2017 by Daniel

E-Qube startup Challenge, Firenze, Italy

We participated to e-qube challenge in Italy

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Logpickr received financial support from Brittany Region
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Jul 1, 2017 by Fabrice

Logpickr received financial support from Brittany Region

Logpickr received seed financial support from Brittany Region

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