Our customers' words


« Open innovation » collaboration with Logpickr revealed hidden values of unexploited data.

Thomas, Innovation Manager for a major French banking group.


"Working with LOGPICKR was a breath of fresh air for the whole team."

Frederique, Customer Experience Manager for a leading international Telecom Operator.


Digitalization introduces new challenges: continuous adaptation of enterprise internal and external processes.

Mastering interactions between virtual and real world, optimising customer satisfaction or assisting decision-making in a smooth and controlled manner, are high stakes issues for corporate growth, and employees well-being.
Thanks to our expertise and tools, we can support you in both the upstream and downstream phases, in all the Process Intelligence projects you may come across.

No matter your size, your activity and your goals are, LOGPICKR's team and technology will assist you in optimizing your internal process with real time analytics, simulation and conformance checking tools.

We put forward the economic and human aspect in our approach.
It is in this spirit that we would be pleased to place our know-how in your organization.

Logpickr Solution

Exhaustivity – Precision – Achievements

A systemic approach of your ecosytem

Support - Big Data - Process Mining

What are the benefits of Logpickr ?

Knowledge – Understanding – Agility

Highlights on your business processes

LOGPICKR makes use of digital footprints left behind your Information System.
Are they in conformance with your forecasts ? You will be able to check.

Root cause analysis

Wondering why are some deliveries longer than others?
With LOGPICKR suite, you will quickly identify key factors influencing your processes.

Cross-channel Simulation

Want to replay a situation in your customer journey, estimate waiting time ? It's possible with LOGPICKR predictive algorithms.

Equipment usage enlightening

Are your appliances energy-consuming? LOGPICKR KPIs and alerts will help you controlling costs.

Intra-process Parallelism

We own this algorithm !

Use Case

An international Telecom operator used LOGPICKR suite to analyse the behaviour of two different teams producing the same services.
They discovered that one team spontaneously paralellized tasks, and effortlessly gained time and availability, improving the overall process time.
By generalizing this best practise, the company gained 30% time on the service delivery, compared to the previous organization.
LOGPICKR was able to detect the situation and reveal it.

What you get

  • Performance KPIs hightlighter
  • Time and cost saver
  • Cross-channel activity enhancer
  • Equipment usage optimizer
  • Collaborative and creative staff simulator
  • Operational Excellence accelerator

Logpickr co-founders

Fabrice and Daniel met when working together for a major telecom operator ten years ago. They quickly found common values, and started discussing on the power of analytics and visual representation of Process Mining, combined to Big Data 5V (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value).
They were convinced that Process mining would help businesses and their customers and they decided to launch LOGPICKR. Their ambition is to become the Process Intelligence leader in France.